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USB Internal Cable Assemblies
2x5 Keyed 9-Pin Female -to- Dual Port
Length is 12 inches

This is a custom cable assembly for AEI embedded PoE switches only.  This cable assembly is used as a communications interface for patented or patent pending PoE Advance Power Management (APM) features made available in the Fault Tolerant Utility and Command Line Interface.

This cable assembly has the +5VDC red wire either not installed.

Motherboard Connector Types & Pinouts

This assumes your motherboard has the following internal USB 2.0 connector and pinout:

Pin Header or Male Socket on the Motherboard (facing up)
2x5 with Pin-9 blanked (or keyed)
2.54mm pitch pin-to-pin between row and column


The USB 2.0 Port on your motherboard should look similar to following:

The connector style, Pin PItch and pinout on your motherboard could be different than shown above.  It is the installer's responsibility to verify both connector style, pitch and pinout; as well as proper installation of the internal USB cable assembly. AEI is not responsible for damage caused by faulty cable installations.  If you use a 3rd Party cable assembly, AEI recommends clipping and electrically isolating the red +5VDC wire on the AEI adapter side of the termination (while system is powered off) to help avoid accidental damage caused by a faulty cable installation.  Always check for proper cable installation prior to powering-up the system. If you have a different pinout or connector style, please contact AEI for a custom cable assembly quotation.

Receptacle outside dimensions are subject to change.
Pin-to-Pin Pitch is 2.54mm

AEI Pinout

The AEI PoE adapter has a USB 2.0 1x4 pin strip male header, 2.54mm pitch. 
Pin 1 is designated on the PCB silkscreen.

Pin # Description Wire Color
Pin 1 No Connect Red
Pin 2 Data - White
Pin 3 Data + Green
Pin 4 GND Black

Pin1 on AEI USB connector is No Connect
AEI Controller has a 1x4 pin strip header (m), 2.54mm pitch

The AEI embedded PoE controller does not use the +5VDC power, and as such this pin is a No Connect.  Installers may install the red power wire to this pin, or this pin may be left floating.  AEI cable assemblies come either with the red wire not installed, or clipped in order to help avoid accidental damaged caused by a faulty cable installation.

One end of the cable has one 2x5 female receptacle (pitch 2.54mm), which connects to your motherboard's dual port USB 2.0 socket or pin strip header.  NOTE:  This cable is not keyed.  Be sure to check

The other end of the cable is terminated into two ends, each with a 1x4, 2.54mm pitch female pin header receptacle (as shown here). This configuration allows a single dual port USB socket connection on the motherboard to support two separate AEI controllers.

Note:  The red wire on the AEI PoE cable is not installed.