Utilities & Custom Software

AEI Fault Tolerant Utility / Software

  • Network Connectivity Monitoring
  • Progressive Fault Notifications (email/text messaging)
  • PoE Fault Correction
  • PoE Advanced Power Management

This is a PoE power management software suite that monitors for network and connectivity faults, provides progressive fault notifications, attempts to repair the fault, and gives remote access users the ability to reset PoE power without having to reboot the host. Comes free with the purchase of an AEI-e410C or AEI-e810C controller.

PoE Advance Power Management (APM) - Command Line Interface
For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and software developers only.

OEMs with their own proprietary video management software (or other software solution) can reset or toggle PoE power ON/OFF on AEI switch products.  Include the most fault tolerant and reliable features in your solution!

USB CDC Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers 

Required for PoE Advanced Power Management. 
Only functional with AEI PoE switch products.