Intel 21143-PD or 21143-TD
Device Drivers
Fast Ethernet Controller Chipset

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Microsoft Windows

The Intel 21143 device driver is plug and play in Windows XP Service Pack 3 and below, and driver installable for Windows XP SP4, Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7.  Not tested in Windows 8, or in Windows 64-bit operating systems.  The following are both Intel and AEI proprietary Windows device drivers. 

Generic Download - Click Here
For DOS, OS2, SCO UNIX, NetWare Client, NetWare Server, WFW311, WIN95, WIN NT

   Microsoft Application Note:
   Driver Installations for 32-bit and 64-bit Installations

* Intel Native NDIS3, NDIS4 and NDIS5 Drivers
* Intel Native ND2 and NDIS2 Drivers

* Windows NT with PhobosLink Trunking and Failover Software
* Windows 98: (DC21x4)
* Windows 2000 with PhobosLink Trunking and Failover Software
* Windows 2000 Advanced Server - AEI Driver
* Windows XP - AEI Driver (Vista, Windows 7 & Server 2008 not tested)
* Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008 (32-bit OS) / Intel NDIS 5.0

* All revisions - use the native TULIP.O driver in Linux.  Plug and Play
* AEI Driver with PhobosLink Trunking and Failover Software (Rev 2.0-2.4.20)

OpenSolaris  -  NOT TESTED
  * Recommend the dnet driver.
  External Website recommends the tu driver, does not support 64-bit kernel.
  You need to remove solaris x86 dnet driver to install the tu driver.

Solaris x86 - Intel Platform
*  Use the native DNET driver in Solaris x86.  Plug and Play 
Solarisx86 - AEI Drivers with PhobosLink

Solaris SPARC
    Please confirm your distribution of Solaris SPARC comes with an Intel 21143 Driver.  Otherwise, you can try one the following:

    *  Solaris SPARC - AEI Drivers with PhobosLink
    *  Solaris SPARC64 - AEI Drives with PhobosLink

FreeBSD and OpenBSD
*  The Intel 21143 driver should be native to these operating systems -Plug & Play
*  The TULIP.O driver should be resident, and plug and play
*  Optionally, you can download the AEI driver here

Netware 4.1
Netware 5.x

HP-UX 10.2 (PA-RISC)
Download the AEI Driver Here
*  May need to uninstall the BTLAN driver in some systems

*  The device driver for the Intel 21143 is already included in the operating system. 
    Please contact WindRiver for any further information.