AEI-P430C / Intel GD82559
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit OS)

The AEI-P430C is Plug & Play in Windows 7, 32-bit OS.

According to Intel:

The Intel PRO/100 drivers are included in the Microsoft Windows 7 installation."
( "aka “In Box”).

AEI tested the AEI-P430C in a Windows 7 Professional (32-bit) test system, and the drivers installed “plug & play” without incident.  During the New Hardware Identified routine, the Microsoft Windows Device Manager installed the “Intel PRO/100 Plus Management” driver.

First, make sure you have all Windows Updates installed.  It is good practice to use your LOM (connected to the Internet) when using Windows Update, or adding a new driver.  When you install the P430C, your system’s Device Manager “may” go out and get the driver via the Internet.    As mentioned, it is good practice to keep your LOM attached to the Internet when new hardware is installed to allow the latest driver updates to be fetched.

If you are still having a problem, you can install the XP or Vista 32-bit device driver, and it should work fine.

Intel Device Drivers:  Click Here

AEI Vista and Win2008 Drivers:  Click Here


If you have any further issues, please feel free to contact me or Randy anytime.